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Foolproof Protection. Savings on both materials and shipping costs. Try TwisterBox today.

TwisterBox is a novel non-glued vinyl record shipping box, designed to be folded easily in seconds for double-layer/corner crush-proof buffer protection, and which is also adaptable to both single and multiple item shipments without the need for flats or other empty space fillers.

Our flagship mailer. Heavy duty cardboard for extra protection on all sides and corners. Our premium mailer is fully adaptable for a multitude of shipment sizes, from 1 LP on up. It includes a convenient adhesive recipient peel strip.

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Our standard shipping box, with a slightly less deep fluting and lighter board overall. Vastly superior to all run-of-the-mill mailers with all the flexibility and dimensions of the TwisterBox Premium, yet designed for efficiency.

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All TwisterBox products are made from up to 50% post-consumer/recycled cardboard, and are produced & manufactured locally in the Pacific Northwest.

Tips on using TwisterBox

Unlike other record mailers Twisterbox do not require flats to fill dead space in the mailer, as the inner pocket flaps can be folded to whatever size of shipment is enclosed. For added protection a small piece of box tape across the inner flaps further prevents the record(s) from moving around.

As we all well know, record boxes get thrown around in the shuffle from you to your buyer. Although TwisterBox protects against damage from all sides due to this, the sudden “stop” of an item moving under velocity will always have some impact on the contents. To further protect against this, one tip is to ship your records outside their jackets (When possible) and to use two attached sheets of 12/12″ bubble wrap placed under the record(s) with the flaps of excess bubble wrap folded around the contents like a taco when you close the inner flaps.

How to Fold the TwisterBox

Step One

Lay TwisterBox flat with either the adhesive strip (In the case of the Premium) or the longest panel section (For the standard TwisterBox) positioned in the upper right corner.

Step Two

Grasp the left side of the flat TwisterBox and begin folding the panel horizontally toward the center to where the left panel creates a horizontal “cross” of sorts.

Step Three

Set record(s) on center of horizontally folded panel and fold in panel pieces that extend beyond the width of a record at the height of the amount of records you are shipping. Should you desire to keep the inner pocket firm around the records a small piece of tape will keep these panels in place.

Step Four

Fold vertical outer panels over inner pocket. In the case of the Twisterbox Premium peel and expose the adhesive strip for sealing. For the Twisterbox Standard a strip of tape across the outer panel folds (and perhaps across the upper section of the outside for extra reinforcement) will complete the Twisterbox and make it ready for its journey!

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